Class Descriptions

Athletic Edge - Intermediate to Advanced: A 75-minute class designed for runners, cyclists, triathletes to improve cardiovascular fitness, running and cycling skills. The class focuses on interval training to improve performance. Class is held outdoors except during the winter months. 

B-Fit Bootcamp - All Levels; This class will incorporate all forms of fitness including strength training, cardio and plyometric drills in addtion to core challenges.  Commit to B-Fit and you will exceed your expectations!  Money back if you come to 75% of the classes.  Runs 8 weeks, Oct. 1 - Nov. 19

Build and Burn - All Levels: This class is designed to help work “summer outdoor” muscles during the winter months when inside. An interval training class that utilizes steps, dumbbells and gliding discs. Class ends Memorial Day weekend and resumes October 1.

BARRE - Not advised for people with knee or foot pain; This class combines the high energy, music driven fun of a Barre class with the precision, alignment, and emphasis on high quality movment found in pilates. This is not a dance class.  Bring your yoga mat to class & Buy your toe socks in the Pro-Shop.

Bottoms UP!- All Levels; An all new 30 minute class that focuses on working your lower body and core.

Core - All Levels: Not just crunches anymore! This 15 minute class will target and strengthen the entire core.

Cycling - All Levels: Group cycling workouts in our Cycling Studio. Please refer to the Cycling Studio class schedule for details.

Fitness Yoga - All Levels: Enjoy basic yoga postures and exercises that will help improve flexibility, balance, and strength. Power Lunch Yoga offers a shorter class length. Please bring your own yoga mat.

High Tech Cycling - Intermediate to Advanced: A 75-minute workout using cycle training DVD's. Geared toward cyclists and triathletes, but anyone looking for a longer workout will enjoy this class. You do not have to stay for the entire class to participate unless there is a waiting list. Offered October through April 30.

* Hula Hoop, Hoop It Up - All levels: Learn how to hula hoop and turn it into a workout. Hooping is a fun way to use core muscles. 

 * IronWorks - All Levels: This class combines weights, music and instructor motivation to keep your body moving and your energy level high. Reserve your “ironbar” and bench up to 48 hours in advance by calling 295-2552.

$ Judo - Intermediate to Advanced: Literal translation means “gentle way.” A sport adapted from jujitsu and similar to wrestling. Must be 21 years of age. Contact Chris Horak at 263-9629.

Karate - All Levels: Please refer to Shotokan Karate schedule. Class is held in Racquetball court #1.

Kids Fit & Fun- All Levels: This class is for children ages 2-5.  Parents/Grandparents/Guardians are welcome and encouragedto participate OR you can go get your own workout in.

Mat Pilates - All Levels: Come for the most comprehensive core workout you have ever experienced. No prior sign up required. Mat Pilates classes are complimentary with your membership. Please bring your own mat and towel to class.

Meditation - Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

Metabolic Blast - All Levels:  All-new high energy, time efficient cardio and strength class.  Class is broken down into segments of quick, continous cardio drills mixed with upper and lower body strenght work.

Morning Madness - All Levels: A class designed to give you a killer cross training workout. Class meets on basketball court #1.

$ Pilates on the Arc - All Levels: No prior pilates experience necessary. Sign up at the front desk.

$ RC N.O.W. - All Levels: This is NO Ordinary Workout.  Fresh workout routines involving kickboxing, plyometrics, strength training, and more!  We will keep you moving continously to improve your overall strength and cardiovascular endurance.  Challenge yourself NOW to reach a new level of fitness. This is NO Ordinary Workout! Inquire at the front desk for the next session sign up.

SilverSneakers® - All Levels: Classes include Classic (formerly known as MSROM), Circuit (formally knowns as Cardio Circuit) and Yoga (formally known as YogaStretch).Please refer to the SilverSneakers® schedule. 

Step - All Levels: A class that offers heart pumping workouts. Be a part of what makes the “Step”— a tried and true- great workout.

Step and Swing - Beginner: This class helps get your cardio training in as you learn simple step/aerobics patterns. Come move to music and get fit!

Stretch and Relax - All Levels: Relax listening to soothing music while stretching to improve range of motion and injury prevention.

Tabata- Intermediate/Advanced; a 20 minute short but addictive interval training class.  20 seconds of work followed by 10 seconds of rest.  Maximal effort, maximal results

Tai Chi - All Levels: This class helps to reduce stress and improve balance. It also focuses on proper breathing and form.

$ TRX Suspension Training - All Levels: Using gravity and the participant's body weight, TRX exercise develops strength, balance, flexibility and core stabilisty simultaneously. Please refer to the TRX Class schedule.

$ Tae Kwon Do - All Levels: Offered by Ultimate Tae Kwon Do for an additional fee of $10.50 per month.

ZUMBA® - All Levels: Ditch the workout! Join the party! ZUMBA combines high energy and motivating music with unique moves that allow the participants to dance away their worries.

ZUMBA Gold® - All Levels: A lower intensity ZUMBA class designed for active older adults, beginning Zumba participants, deconditioned participants or others who need modifications. An absolute blast.

Key to symbols: $ = A fee applies to class. *= Sign up at the front desk or by calling 295-2552 to guarantee your spot in class. A $3 plus tax “no show” fee applies if you do not cancel & do not show.  + = Outdoor Classes meet at the Sporks Park Field Turf.  *if the weather permits, instructors may take additional classes outside to the Sports Park field turf.

 For questions contact Brenda Cloud, Program Manager at 295-0039 or

Click here for a brochure of classes in the group fitness classroom and high court.